our story

The oldest private mint in Sub-Saharan Africa, The Cape Mint™ (TCM) possesses an abundance of heritage that extends over half a century.  Located in the heart of South Africa’s “mother city,” this world-class mint has borne witness to – and indeed played an integral role in – some of the most historic and iconic moments of both its namesake city (Cape Town), as well as the nation.

The Black Rod

The Cape Mint™ is one of two privately owned mints in South Africa that have minted legal tender coins. The company also holds the unique honor/distinction of having been entrusted to manufacture the South African Parliament’s ‘Black Rod,’ as well as engrave the National Assembly’s ‘Peoples Mace.’ As high-profile symbols of the authority of the bodies they represent, these prestigious projects also serve as a testament to the level of mastery, flawless precision, and trust with which the TCM brand has become synonymous.

TCM takes great pride in its enduring traditions and refined craftsmanship, as well as its unrelenting pursuit of excellence across everything it designs and creates. From its exquisite commemorative coins and sports medals to memorable corporate gifts, trophies, and awards, the mint has established a well-earned pristine reputation for its artisanal mastery and artistry.

TCM’s rigid adherence to time-honored workmanship, exceptional service, and personal, customized attention enable it to deliver a level of quality and attention to detail that has become a rare commodity in the sector today.

Be it an occasion of stately splendor or a celebratory event, TCM is a trusted and valued partner and supplier for some of the most renowned brands, prominent organizations, and memorable moments.


To establish TCM as a prominent global player/name in the manufacture and design of inspired, high-quality precious metal pieces marked by exceptional craftsmanship. We aim to empower our clients and partners to tell their stories, celebrate achievements, and commemorate their milestones in tasteful, impactful ways that leave lasting and memorable impressions and whose value stands the test of time.


Inspire new possibilities for South Africans in the precious metals and minting industries by harnessing local potential and developing talent in a manner that expands opportunities for achieving economic and social prosperity.


our people

At The Cape Mint™, people are at the heart of everything we do. Their passion and dedication fuel our growth and our sense of purpose. This is why we place great value on fostering a culture of empowerment, diversity, and compassion that feeds into an enriching and collaborative work environment.

There is a reason why the TCM team is well-equipped to deliver outstanding results every time. As an organization, we believe that continuous training and development are the cornerstones of building – and maintaining – an exceptional team, as well as a thriving and dynamic business. Whether it be upskilling, reskilling, or otherwise, TCM views continuous learning and development as a collective, company-wide responsibility.

It’s not just about allocating the necessary resources to make sure that everyone gets the training and support they need to thrive. Enabling a deeper level of engagement allows us to understand each individual team member’s needs, helping us to bring out their best and remove barriers to them reaching their potential.

In an industry where imagination and design are pivotal, TCM is very deliberate about embracing curiosity and affording employees the opportunity to express their creativity. It’s these threads – putting people first, nurturing collaborative relationships, and enabling that sense of wonder that are woven through the fabric of TCM and our longstanding relationships. It should therefore come as no surprise that the vast majority of TCM employees have been trained in-house and that the average tenure of our employees is around 30 years.

Our Brand

The Cape Mint’s™ bond to its namesake city runs deep, both symbolically and literally. Our offices and factory are located in the bustling commercial heart of one of the world’s most beautiful cities and set against the backdrop of the infamous Table Mountain, a natural world heritage site. Beyond the obvious splendor and aesthetic appeal of this unique location, our TCM brand represents the abundant mix of historical and cultural influences that the city draws upon for its personality and soul.

This is a place where contrasts abound: the juxtaposition of old and new, the fusion of north and south, and the vibrancy and eclecticism of a global port open to a myriad of influences, yet confident in its identity as a nation’s oldest city and seat of the parliament. The resulting fusion is as revelatory as it is enriching.

TCM brand has evolved over the years to reflect our growth and progress while remaining true to our underlying values and to our ethos. The notions of mastery and excellence lie at the very heart of what our brand embodies. Represented visually in our logo with a traditional engraving tool framed by a coin, this legacy of craftsmanship and artisanal skill is very much a core value and fundamental attribute of our brand.

The incredible reservoir of trust and reliability TCM has built over the years by delivering numerous prominent, high-profile projects has come to underline the reputation of our brand. But, remaining true to our essence, our brand maintains a highly approachable, almost familial quality where bespoke service is expected, custom-made is the standard, and personable attention is the norm.